BSS Library Research with Sarah Moya (MLD) Area Course Shopping and Welcome Event.

BSS Building 3rd Floor | 6 December 2017 00:00

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2500+ students from 30 schools compete in stimulating activities and innovative competitions.


Steven Williamson

Steven Williamson

Graphic Designer

Karen Curtis

Karen Curtis


Gloria Gray

Gloria Gray

Content Writer


BSS Building 3rd Floor

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Student Exchange Program

  • Sep Thu, 2017
  • BSS Building 3rd Floor

BSS Mahim and Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest, Netherlands enjoy shared cultural experiences.

Back in Business

  • Oct Wed, 2017
  • BSS Central Library

Business problem solving through out-of-the-box thinking

Prize Day

  • Oct Thu, 2017
  • BSS Building 3rd Floor

A celebration of the spirit of resilience, determination and a quest for knowledge.

Valedictory Function

  • Nov Wed, 2017
  • 9986 Marsh Ave. Fall River, MA

The butterflies that emerge from the chrysalis are finally sent out to beautify the world.